Sunday, October 3, 2010

She said, She said

I'm trying to get character sketches and an outline done for next month's project. I am doing National Novel Writing Month again, and I want to go in with more preparation this year. Last year I sat down with little more than an idea. I ended up with a rough draft, but it's really rough. As in it needs several edits before it can be critiqued to edit, rough.

This year I want to plan more. I want to see if that will help me as I work through the novel. My idea is to have two main characters, alternating sections of the book in each one's POV. They're both girls, so I have to be very careful to give each one a distinctive voice. I don't want to lose the reader mid-novel because they can't tell the difference between my characters.

I have the basic ideas about the characters, but I need to flesh them out. I have seen lists of questions to ask the characters, and other things similar to that. For you writers out there, what's your favorite way of filling out a character which isn't totally defined? Do you ask them questions? Journal about them? What's your method?

Most characters come to me more or less full bodied. This is the first writing project for me that came from a plot idea, rather than a character idea. Maybe I'll try asking questions. If Jolie and Tessa talk as much as I do, they'll be fleshed out by tomorrow morning.