Saturday, August 6, 2011

How Amazing Can He Be?

We went to the movies yesterday to see Captain America. I love superhero movies, especially Marvel superheroes. Apparently I have been living under a rock since early 2010, because I was surprised to see a trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man. It looks like the same movie Sam Raimi directed. Only, you know, with no Sam Raimi. Peter Parker's in high school again. Gee, I wonder if he'll get bitten by a radioactive spider and become a superhero.

I was under the impression that studios did a reboot of a movie franchise when they wanted to update it after a number of years or, like Batman, there was a ridiculously bad film they needed a do-over for. Spidey 3 just came out in 2007. I'll admit wasn't great - but it didn't suck like Batman and Robin. (Yes, I am aware Batman is a DC comic.) So why bother rebooting the franchise so soon?

We already know what happens in high school. Remaking the same thing, even if you put a new spin on it, is disappointing. Show us what happens next. A lot of us aren't watching just to see an action movie. Some moviegoers *gasp* actually care about the characters. So show us what happens next with them. Otherwise, don't expect us to shell out ten bucks just for the ticket to see the same thing you showed us a few years ago.

For the non-moviegoers or non-superhero-loving people among us, It feels like I picked up a book in a series with an author I like and found it written by someone else entirely. Someone who has a totally different view on the characters and what happens to them. Someone who doesn't really care what happened already and wants to change it. It's like saying oh, yeah, we didn't mean all that stuff in the first book, ignore it and read this instead. I trusted the first author, and it hasn't been long enough for me to accept the new spin on the book.

Maybe it won't be like that. Maybe it won't suck as much as I expect. I still think I'll skip it and watch the Avengers instead.

How do you feel about reboots? Have you seen something like this outside of a movie? How do you feel when authors do this in a book?