Friday, January 13, 2012

A Little Inspiration

Sometimes inspiration comes from the most unexpected places. I read a friend's poetry blog today, and felt compelled to comment. This is one I normally read but don't comment on - the quality of the other contributors is a bit daunting. Today, though, the form was so fun that I had to chime in with my own attempt at the form. It was such fun that it got me in the mood to write today, and I haven't been in that mood for a while. My thanks to Sweet Marie and her Poetic Bloomings.

My attempt at a Rime Couée:

Quantum Blind

I thought that I would never find
A class that left my wit behind,
But now my ego’s in a bind.
Oh, Quantum, you’re no joke.
I hope your ways will fill my mind
Sometime before I croak.

Have you found inspiration in unexpected places recently?