Sunday, February 12, 2012

Serial Monday - Rules

I've been looking for a fun writing project to keep myself writing regularly, and a way to hold myself accountable, so I will meet the goals I set for myself. As a kid, I loved the books where the reader would choose which path to take and turn to the designated page for that part of the story. I think writing that type of a story will be a fun project, but I want to make it interactive so you readers can determine what's going to happen as we go.

Starting tomorrow, Mondays here will be Serial Mondays. Each week I will post a portion of a story that ends at a decision point for the character. I'll post a poll for readers to vote which choice the character should make. You'll have until Friday to vote (voting ends at 11:59 on Thursday evening) then I will write up the next week's installment, to be posted on Monday. Feel free to comment on the story - let us now why you think the vote should go your way. Even if you don't comment, please vote on which direction you'd like the story to take.

Please keep in mind that this is an unedited story. Though I will take each installment through more than one draft, I am writing and posting between Friday and Monday. There may be mistakes, but I will make every effort to keep them at a minimum, and correct them as they're noted.

The first story starts in the next post. (Which I will post on Monday.) There is a jump break in the story, so click on the link to read the rest, then vote for your choice! Have fun, and thanks for reading!

Fine Print: All comments must be good-natured, positive, and in good taste or I will remove them. I am the final (and only) arbiter of what is good-natured, positive and in good taste. All rights to the story remain with me, but feel free to post links back to this site.