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Serial Monday - Supes - Week 3

We're getting a little late start to Serial Monday, but it is still Monday (barely). This week's installment is a bit longer (by request).

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Supes - Week 3

Duke glanced over to be sure both cafeteria ladies were still in the kitchen. His hair stood up as the field around him grew. His power had never come this fast or strong.

Duke watched Lou through a haze. Lou reached out, hand cupped as if he’d choke Duke.

He’s not really hazy. The field’s blurring my vision.

Lou had to have some power if he was at Parker Memorial, but Duke didn’t know what it was – or if it would be enough to shield Lou from the worst of Duke’s power. The last guy Duke had zapped blacked out. With this much charge built up, the current running through someone might put him in the hospital.

I can’t do this.

Duke grabbed the metal tray ledge just as Lou’s hand would have penetrated the electric shell. Duke’s boots thunked on the floor when the field around him dissipated. The acrid smell of burning eggs wafted out of the service trays.

Duke blocked Lou’s hand. “Just back off, dude. I don’t know what your deal is, but I don’t want to hurt you.”

Lou glared at him, and Duke’s headache returned full-force. Duke’s vision narrowed to a pinprick.

Crap, I’m gonna pass out.

The world went black, then a soft hand touched Duke’s arm. The cafeteria started to swim back into focus. A girl’s voice said, “Leave him alone, Lou. He’s new. He’ll learn to avoid you like the rest of us do. Just give him time.”

The girl gave Duke’s arm a squeeze.  “Come on, Duke.”

How does she know my name? Duke turned to look at his rescuer. The short, dark-haired girl who’d been studying with her friend smiled up at him.

“You’re new. Everybody knows your name.” She kept a hand on his arm as she steered him through the cafeteria and into the hall. She gave a quick nod to her friend as they passed her table, but kept Duke moving through the crowd.

“Mrs. P. asked me to show you where your first period class is. Do you have your schedule?”

Duke handed her his crumpled schedule. “Who’s Mrs. P.?” He thought for a second. “And who are you?”

“I’m Marie. I’m the Student Body President, so I get to escort new students when they come.” She looked up from Duke’s schedule. “Not that we have many new students.”

Duke grimaced. “I’m always the new student. I can find my way around.” He pulled the map out of his bag. “I even have a map, not that I’ll need it.”

“No offense, but it’s not the building you’ve got to learn to navigate. You need to know who to avoid and who’s safe. That’s why Mrs. P. – your philosophy teacher, Mrs. Printz – asked me to help you out.”

“I’m taking philosophy?” Duke leaned over Marie’s shoulder. He had philosophy first thing in the morning, then the schedule looked normal after that.

“Philosophy’s more like a how-to-use-your-powers or how-to-blend-in-with-mundanes class than what you’re thinking of. There’s very little Plato or Aristotle.” Marie handed Duke his schedule and led him down the main hallway.

Marie stopped at the intersection of the school’s two hallways. “Your first class is at the end of the hall, there.” She pointed down the hallway. “Mrs. P. is waiting to talk to you. I’ll catch up with you after class and show you where the rest of your classes are.”

“Thanks.” Duke shoved the map back in his bag and headed down the hall. He stopped outside the second to last room to double-check his schedule for the room number.

Philosophy was in the next room over, but there were music and muffled voices coming from inside this room. Duke couldn’t quite make out what the voices were saying, so he leaned in closer to the door. 

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