Monday, February 13, 2012

Story 1 - Working Title: Supes

Duke Harrison chained his bike to the bike rack outside his new school. He sighed. Two other bikes in the rack, and a parking lot full of late model sports cars. It looked like this school wasn’t going to be much different than the last one his nomad father had dragged him to. 

Seven different high schools in two years was more than Duke could handle. About the time people got over his weird name, Duke would have to pack everything so they could go haring off to some new school three states away. They had to stay now, though.

Now that Duke’s powers had manifested he was deemed unsafe for normal high school, so Stanley Parker Memorial would be his home until he graduated. If his dad got itchy feet he’d either have to go off by himself or buy some foot powder. Duke didn’t really care which.

Okay, no more stalling. Duke pulled the comb from his back pocket and slicked his bangs back into an Elvis curl. He unbuckled the messenger bag from his bike and slung the strap over his shoulder.

Duke took a deep breath and went inside. A sign inside the door directed him to the office. A quick meeting with the secretary netted him his schedule, a cafeteria code, and a map.

Who needs a map for a one-floor school with two hallways? Duke shoved the map in his bag and joined the traffic headed for the cafeteria. He still had fifteen minutes before homeroom. Maybe there would be something worth having for breakfast. At the very least he could scope out the cliques and try to plan how to navigate through them.

He stepped into the cafeteria and listened to the silence fall. Great, nothing like being stared at by three hundred odd people. The silence ebbed and Duke knew the buzz that replaced it was all talk about the new guy. He scoped the room, looking for his best opportunity to fit in.

The cafeteria line guy
The cafeteria line was clearing out in front of a short kid with greasy hanks of black hair hanging in his face. Getting in line behind him might mean Duke was associated with the guy until graduation - two years away.  He looked around for another alternative.

Across the room two girls sat alone at a table. They had books strewn across length of the table, and their pencils were furiously scratching across their notebooks.

They can’t already have homework. It’s the first day of school.

Duke scanned the room for other options. Benches filled as he watched, making it clear that he was not welcome to join anyone. Lines had been drawn, and Duke was outside them all.

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