Monday, February 20, 2012

Supes - Week 2

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Supes - Week 2

That's one handy side effect!
Food first, then I’ll find a place to sit. 

Duke shoved his cafeteria code in his jeans pocket and walked over to the food line. The greasy kid turned to watch Duke approach. The closer Duke got, the more the kid glared. When Duke stepped up behind him in line, the kid bared his teeth and growled.

Does he think he’s a dog?

Duke rolled his eyes. No wonder everyone cleared out of the line when this guy was around. Duke made a point to ignore the kid and glanced over at the cafeteria ladies.

They both stood about a foot behind the service line. One looked from Duke to the other kid, then headed into the kitchen.

“I’ll just get more eggs.”

The other cafeteria lady – Shirley, according to her nametag – sighed. “Morning, Louis. The usual?” Her voice was soft and soothing. She began spooning scrambled eggs onto a tray beside a couple pieces of dry toast.

Louis didn’t answer. He narrowed his eyes at Duke.

Duke felt the back of his neck start to tingle as the hair on his nape stood up. He started to get a headache. Static charge started to build up around him, and he felt his fingertips start to spark. Duke brushed his right hand against the metal tray holder, surreptitiously dispelling the charge.

“C’mon, Lou. Answer the lady so we can eat and get to class.” Duke arched a brow when Shirley shook her head at him. She set down the tray and withdrew into the kitchen.

When Louis finally spoke, his voice sounded as if it should belong to a six-foot-something football player, rather than a scrawny greaseball. “Don’t call me Lou.”

Duke’s head throbbed. It felt like someone was shoving an ice pick through his temple. Duke called electricity to himself and felt his feet lift off the floor. He let the charge surround him. The headache lessened.

Lou’s eyes narrowed. He stepped toward Duke, hand outstretched. He stopped just short of the electric shell Duke had surrounded himself with.

One quick zap wouldn’t hurt him. No worse than being tazed, anyway.

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