Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Serial Monday - Supes Week 5

Last week I missed Serial Monday because I was fighting off an epic cold. I'm back to normal again, so Duke's back this week. This is a slightly shorter installment than last time, but I hope to make up for it next week.

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Supes - Week 5

Duke waited until Mrs. P. got a couple minutes into her lecture, then he turned to the girl beside him. “Didn’t I see you with Marie earlier?”

The girl glanced at him, rolled her eyes, and went back to her note taking.

Duke gave her a minute to finish the page, then he tried again. “So what’s this class all about?”

The girl sighed. “Pay attention and you’ll find out.” She turned the page in her notebook and made a point to look anywhere but at Duke.

Not exactly the warmest welcome he’d had all day, but it wasn’t the worst either.

Duke leaned over and grabbed his notebook from the floor. He might as well take notes, since he was getting nowhere with the girl next to him.

Half the class was over before Duke realized he was enjoying it. Mrs. P. kept everyone interested, and she was a master at defusing tense discussions. She had each person list the power that had gotten him classified as a superhuman, and then had the class break them down into broad categories.

“The rest of the week we’ll be debating whether each category necessarily makes its wielder evil or good. You’ll be working in groups.” She paused to look at the list she’d made on the board, then counted the students. “Groups of two.”

“Duke and Summer, you’ve got elemental control. Convince us that it makes us evil.” Mrs. P. looked at Duke. “Work together, don’t just let one person take over.”

Duke turned to face Summer again, while Mrs. P. divided up the rest of the class. They would be debating a couple of guys who made rocks look smart. “This should be easy.”

Summer stared at him as if he’d grown another head. “You do realize we have to try to convince the class we’re both evil, right?”

“What? No we don’t.”

“Yes, Genius, we do. We put your control over electricity in the elemental category. Same with my powers over air.” Summer shook her head. “I’m going to the library to research.”

She gathered her books and asked Mrs. P. for a hall pass.

Summer had been gone less than five minutes when Duke decided to follow her. We’re supposed to be working as a group. She’ll have to get over whatever problem she has and work with me.

Duke reached down to gather his things and noticed a red leather journal under Summer’s desk. Must’ve fallen out of her bag. He grabbed the book and stuffed it in his bag.

Duke approached Mrs. P’s desk, careful to keep his eyes off her shoes. “Can I get a pass to the library? Summer and I want to research some statistics for our debate.”

Mrs. P. grinned at Duke. “Took you long enough to decide to go after her.” She wrote out a pass and handed it to Duke.

“Thanks, Mrs. P.”

Duke was halfway out the door when he heard her call after him. “Go straight there, Duke.” He nodded and kept walking.

Once he was out of sight of the doorway, Duke pulled the journal out of his bag. He looked around for a place he could check it out and not get caught.

The boys' restroom at the end of the hallway caught his eye. It would probably be empty, since everyone was supposed to be in class. Duke gave a brief thought to Mrs. P's admonishment to go straight to the library. This wouldn't take long, so it shouldn't count as not going straight there. More like a pit stop than a detour.

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