Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Serial Monday - Supes Week 7

Last week's choice was much closer than usual. Usually there is one choice that wins by a landslide, but not this time. Does anyone have comments on why that might be?

Last Week's Choice:
What should Duke do?
Give Summer the journal.                    3 votes (37.5%)
Keep the journal and read more later.   5 votes (62.5%)

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Supes - Week 7

Duke touched his bag. The flap was still closed. “No, I didn't see you leave anything. Want me to run back down and look?”

No, that's okay.” Summer bit her lip. “I must have left it in my locker. No big.”

I'm such a jerk. Duke busied himself with the stack of books Summer had given him. I'll give it back to her after I find out what's up with her and Lou.

Duke had just found a relevant case when the bell rang for second period. He wrote down the information then looked up at Summer.

Are we supposed to have this done by tomorrow?”

Summer shook her head. “Wednesday. We'll have tomorrow in class to finish it. You really don't pay attention in class at all, do you?”

Duke grinned at her. “I was distracted by my neighbor.” His grin widened at her blush. “Want to meet tonight to work on it more?”

Monday, April 16, 2012

Serial Monday - Supes Week 6

Two weeks and a new laptop later, and I am back in business! Thanks for being patient while I got everything straightened out with the laptops.

The poll from last time was:

What should Duke do?
Stop in the bathroom to read the journal   6 votes (85%)
Go to the library                                     1 vote   (14%)

Week 5: Week 5
Week 4: Week 4
Week 3: Week 3
Week 2: Week 2
Week 1: Week 1

Supes - Week 6

Dripping water echoed through the room. Walls, floor, sinks, and urinals were all stained the same sickly yellow. Duke wrinkled his nose.

He leaned up against a wall and pulled the journal out of his bag. Duke ignored the smell and the stains as he began to read. The first couple of pages were doodles, lots of hearts and flowers and intertwined initials. Duke skipped over to the first real entry.

            April 19

Nearly got run over by some crazy band chick today. She was sprinting down the hall toward the music room as I came out of Mr. Campbell's room. It was probably mean of me to send a gust of wind after her to blow the papers out of her hands, but seriously, she almost killed me.