Monday, April 16, 2012

Serial Monday - Supes Week 6

Two weeks and a new laptop later, and I am back in business! Thanks for being patient while I got everything straightened out with the laptops.

The poll from last time was:

What should Duke do?
Stop in the bathroom to read the journal   6 votes (85%)
Go to the library                                     1 vote   (14%)

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Supes - Week 6

Dripping water echoed through the room. Walls, floor, sinks, and urinals were all stained the same sickly yellow. Duke wrinkled his nose.

He leaned up against a wall and pulled the journal out of his bag. Duke ignored the smell and the stains as he began to read. The first couple of pages were doodles, lots of hearts and flowers and intertwined initials. Duke skipped over to the first real entry.

            April 19

Nearly got run over by some crazy band chick today. She was sprinting down the hall toward the music room as I came out of Mr. Campbell's room. It was probably mean of me to send a gust of wind after her to blow the papers out of her hands, but seriously, she almost killed me.

            April 23

Tonight's the night! Marie thinks the Spring Formal is a joke, pretending to have a prom so nobody suspects this isn't a normal high school. I think it'll be fun. She needs to loosen up. It probably helps that I have a date and she's just going to get people to vote for her for SBP. Can't wait for Lou to see me in my dress!

Duke laughed. Seriously? Summer and Lou? He read the entry again. There was no way she went anywhere with greasy Lou.

Duke glanced at his watch. He still had time to read a bit more before looking for the library. He skipped over a couple more pages.

May 26

So excited that vacation starts tomorrow! It totally rocks that my bf has a job as a lifeguard. I can visit him and show off my bikini without looking like a tool. Wonder if I can convince Marie to come hang out at the pool? Maybe if I tell her they'll give us extra credit for something next semester. I'll work on it.

May 28

WTH happened? Something weird is up with Lou. One day we're all good, then the next day he's all over that crazy band geek. Texting him tonight when he gets off work. We seriously need to talk.

Duke skimmed through the next few pages. He found some interesting entries in June, but jerked his head up at the sound of footsteps. He was just shoving the journal into his bag when Lou walked in.

“What are you doing with my girlfriend's journal?” Lou glared at Duke.

“No idea what you're talking about, dude.” Duke walked out of the bathroom, leaving Lou staring after him.

Lou muttered something as Duke walked out, but Duke ignored him. Better not get in a fight with this guy again today, especially since Mrs. P thinks I'm in the library.

Duke turned down the main hallway and headed for the library. He found Summer surrounded by a stack of books, furiously jotting notes into her notebook. She had her hair tucked behind her ear, but one caramel curl kept falling forward into her her face. She blew out a sigh and tied her hair back with the band around her wrist.

He stepped up to the table and sat across from Summer. “Hey, partner. Need some help?”

Summer gave him a wary glance. Duke thought her eyes looked even more green with her hair back.

Was she really dating Lou?

“Yeah.” She shoved a stack of books in Duke's direction. “Start with these. See if you can find anything about elementals using their powers for evil. I've got all of the Liberty Federation case files – it's a long shot, but I might find something.”

Summer moved her things around, making room for Duke at the table. “Hey, did you notice if I left anything behind in the classroom?”

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