Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Serial Monday - Supes Week 7

Last week's choice was much closer than usual. Usually there is one choice that wins by a landslide, but not this time. Does anyone have comments on why that might be?

Last Week's Choice:
What should Duke do?
Give Summer the journal.                    3 votes (37.5%)
Keep the journal and read more later.   5 votes (62.5%)

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Supes - Week 7

Duke touched his bag. The flap was still closed. “No, I didn't see you leave anything. Want me to run back down and look?”

No, that's okay.” Summer bit her lip. “I must have left it in my locker. No big.”

I'm such a jerk. Duke busied himself with the stack of books Summer had given him. I'll give it back to her after I find out what's up with her and Lou.

Duke had just found a relevant case when the bell rang for second period. He wrote down the information then looked up at Summer.

Are we supposed to have this done by tomorrow?”

Summer shook her head. “Wednesday. We'll have tomorrow in class to finish it. You really don't pay attention in class at all, do you?”

Duke grinned at her. “I was distracted by my neighbor.” His grin widened at her blush. “Want to meet tonight to work on it more?”

I have to work at Shakey's Pizza after school until seven.”

After that, then. I'll buy you dinner.”

Summer shook her head again. “No dinner.”

Okay, I'll meet you there a little after seven.” Duke glanced at his schedule. “Any idea where I go next?”

Summer pointed to the door. “Marie's got you.”


Duke made it to last period without running into Lou again. When Marie came to take him to class, Duke said “I've got this one. I went to Mr. Campbell's room this morning.”

Marie shrugged. “I'm headed that way anyway. It's my last class, too.”

They flowed with the traffic until they stood outside Mr. Campbell's room. Duke pulled the door open, and Alle flew by, knocking Marie into him.

Marie steadied herself with a hand on Duke's arm and gasped. Her eyes rolled back. She's having a seizure.

Just as Duke was about to call for help, Marie snapped out of it. She looked up at him with glazed eyes. “Duke?”

“Are you okay? Do you need to go to the nurse?”

Marie shook her head. “It was just a power fugue. I'll be fine. Let's sit down.”

Duke put his hand behind her back and guided her into the classroom. He hesitated inside the door. He figured Marie for a front-row-center kind of girl, but Alle had taken that spot. She sat directly in front of Mr. Campbell, watching him like a cat stalking a bird.

Marie looked over at Alle and wrinkled her nose. “Let's sit back here.” She turned to a seat near the back.

“I thought you'd want the front is all.” Duke shrugged and sat down. Careful not to show Summer's journal, he grabbed his notebook from his bag, then put the bag under his desk.

Marie wrinkled her nose. “Not when that's there.”

Alle turned to glare at them. The hatred in her eyes was like a punch in the face.

Was it really this morning that I thought she was cute? Duke raised an eyebrow at her. “Problem?”

Alle looked like she was about to say something, but a group of girls walked up and surrounded her, chattering about something they'd done over the summer. Alle flipped her hair over her shoulder, rolled her eyes at Duke, and joined the bubbly girls in conversation.

“She's creepy.”

“Not so loud,” Marie said. “Everyone here – and I do mean everyone – loves her. She can do no wrong. As far as I can tell, Summer and I are the only ones who aren't her groupies.”

“Add me. She creeps me out.”

Marie nodded. She turned toward the door. “Oh, this should be interesting.”

Lou walked in, saw Alle in the front, and turned to the back of the room. He glanced around, then sat in the last row, opposite Duke.

Duke inclined his head toward Lou. “Doesn't look like he's a fan, either.”

Marie smirked. “He dated her this summer. I'm surprised he's not still her number one fanboy.”

OMG, Alle is the band geek in Summer's journal.

Mr. Campbell stood, and Duke knew he'd have to wait to finish the conversation with Marie. No way would Miss Studious talk in class.

When class was over, Marie turned to Duke. “I can help you with this assignment if you want.” She smiled. “And whatever else you need. Want to meet me at Shakey's later to work on it?”

Is she asking me out?

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