Saturday, June 22, 2013

Toad Houses

A full moon over the water
For this week's procrastination attempt project, I made toad houses. I read that a single toad in the garden will eat up to 100 pests a day, including mosquito larvae and slugs. That sounds a little like nirvana to me - a garden with less mosquitos? Sign me up!

So, to attract toads to the garden, I made toad houses out of clay flowerpots. Plain terra cotta pots would work fine, or they can be decorated with paint or glued on stones or decorations.  I painted mine with acrylic paints. I have that stubborn story running around in my head, so I thought focusing on something else might help it work itself out.

Fun Stripes
The smaller pots I'll turn on their side and fill halfway with dirt (toads love to burrow, I hear). The bigger pot I broke in half, so no need to bury it. I'll just set it on some dirt in a shady spot and the toads and I will be good to go. Well, after I set out a shallow dish of water for them to cool off in.

Not as cute as the others,
but I doubt the toads mind.
Now I am all done with the painting, but I'm not sure the story is ready. Maybe I was just procrastinating.

So what about you? Do you find working on something other than writing shakes loose the writing projects you're working on? Or is it just procrastination?