Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 4 Writing Prompt

We've almost made it through the first month of this crazy challenge. Well done, everyone!

January, at least here in the midwest, is cold! This week's challenge is to write a story in which everything takes place below freezing. This can be a new short story, the beginning of a long piece, or a chapter in a work-in-progress.

By Incnis Mrsi (Own work)
[CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
As always, please comment below with questions, comments, and status updates. Stay warm!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Week 3 Writing Prompt

It's the third week of the new year, and most of us have broken a resolution already. Or is that just me? I usually make it a couple weeks in and lose interest (or willpower). I'm holding strong with the writing so far, though. *fingers crossed*

Have you broken a resolution already? So did your character. A resolution, a promise, a vow, in some way, your character broke his/her word. What happens? Can s/he recover?

As usual, please comment below with questions, comments, an updates on your progress. Happy writing!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Setting the Tone

One of the things I love about this time of the year is setting the tone for the rest of the year. (It's definitely not the weather!) I have a group of friends who get together as close to the first of January as we can. We spend a day chatting about the types of things that have been going on in our lives and how we want them to work out. It's a girls' day out - with a purpose.

2012 - the year of many doors
Rather than setting new year's resolutions that we'd break before the week was out, one of our favorite things to do is sit down with blank poster boards - my favorite are tri-fold - and make vision boards for the year. We scour through magazines on all sorts of topics, cut out any pictures or phrases that jump out at us, then glue them all down to the board. Little bits of logos and strange advertisements become positive visual reminders of the things we want to accomplish. 

2013 - happiness, imagination, and inspiration
It's also fun at the end of the year and see how well it stacked up to what we planned. The year my vision board focused on doors was the year I went to England. When I looked at my vacation photos I was surprised to see that I had taken more photos of doors there than almost anything else. Was it my subconscious speaking to me? Probably. Now I'm using those photos and that vision board as inspiration for the novel I'm working on.

I love starting my day by looking at the board for inspiration. Starting the day off with a positive image and a smile make everything seem just a little easier to get through. I also like seeing which little bit will pop out at me that I may not have noticed for a while.

What about you? What do you use to set the tone for your year?

Monday, January 12, 2015

Week 2 Writing Prompt

We all survived week one - congratulations! How did the prompt work for you? Writing small is hard, no?

This week we're easing into things. Your prompt for this week is to write a story about someone whose easy life has just gotten hard. How does s/he cope with the change? Grace under pressure? A Complete meltdown? Something in between? You choose. This can be a short story, the beginning of something longer, or even a new chapter in a work-in-progress. Use it however it works best for you.

As before, please comment below with questions or comments, and let us all know your progress.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Week 1 Writing Prompt

I was a total flake last year. Seriously. Well, seriously as far as writing goes. Luckily for me, new years are great for new leaves. To help with my write one sub one challenge this year (and to keep myself accountable!), I'll be posting a writing prompt here each Monday in 2015. Please feel free to comment below with questions or comments, and let us know how the prompt works out for you.

For this week, we're starting off small. Write a story of 750 or fewer words in which the main character is smaller than one inch (2.5 cm) long (or tall or wide), you decide!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2015!

This year is the future that Marty McFly went to in Back to the Future, how crazy is that? I hope everyone has a great year, full of all the fantastic things you could ever hope for. For myself, I am looking forward to a year of writing and submitting new work. I didn't do much of either last year, and I am sure that contributed to the - let's just call it weird - year I had last year. This year I'll do better.

To that end, I have a writing prompt all set for each week of the coming year. I will post one a week, first thing on Monday mornings. I'm also working on the Write 1 Sub 1 challenge again (see the icon and link to the right). If you need accountability to stick with your goals, I recommend it. I'll be writing weekly, but I chose the monthly challenge to be sure I meet my submission goals. That will also give me a large body of work to pull from to revise and send out next year, right?

What about you? What are your goals for this year?