About Me:

I grew up in southwestern Indiana, then broke my neighbors' hearts by going to Purdue instead of IU. I got a B.S. in Physics from Purdue. I went on to law school at Tulane University. (Who doesn't want to live in New Orleans for a few years, really?)

After law school I worked as a lawyer for a while (yay, research!) and a photographer after that (yay, creativity!). There were some other jobs in there, but, well, there wasn't much "yay" in them. Now I am teaching math at a community college, and I love it.

I can't remember a time I didn't love to write. I wrote stories and poems all through school - and hid them where nobody but my snooping sister would find them. Recently, I finished the Institute of Children's Literature course on Writing for Children and Teenagers. (Yay, research and creativity!) I'm working on writing and revising some of the work I have stockpiled on my hard drive so I can get more of it submitted.

About this Blog:

I love books. All of them. I love reading everything, but the books that really stick with me are the ones with great characters. As a writer, I know how it feels to try to make every single thing in a story stay true to the characters I've created. As a reader, I love the feeling of getting wrapped up in a book: feeling the emotions a well-written character feels, whether I like the character or not.

Any opinions in my blog are just that - my opinion about the books I am reading. Yours may be different. If you agree with me, leave me a comment. If you don't agree with me, leave me a comment. I love differing opinions. (I did mention the lawyer thing, right?) I'm interested in hearing what others think about the books I love (or hate). Who knows, maybe you'll change my mind. Maybe I'll change yours. Even if neither happens, they'll both be open.